Wunishaûnto is Algonquin for Let Us Agree. I firmly believe that our empowerment as a Nation relies on our connection to our identity as Narragansett people. When we can come together and agree to keep our Narragansett culture at the forefront of all we set out to achieve, our Nation will again experience the great prosperity that our ancestors fought so hard to maintain.

Let us agree that prosperity is more than just money. True prosperity is the sum of health, happiness, relationships, personal development, career, finances, and our positive impact on the world around us.

Let us agree that in order for our Nation to prosper and compete with outside economies, we must first empower tribal individuals with the necessary tools and resources they need to navigate and thrive in this increasingly complex world.

My vision is to bring economic stability to the Narragansett Indian Tribe by introducing business ventures that align with our cultural heritage. I want to see the Narragansett Tribe achieve food security, energy independence and on-reservation job creation. It is my hope that as our youth find their livelihood in carrying on the traditions of our ancestors that they will realize a restored pride and dignity in being Narragansett.

Let us agree that this cannot be my vision alone. We must take a vested interest in the fate of our Nation. We must demand transparency and accountability from our leadership as well as qualified leaders who teach by example.

Let us agree, that a man who has always lived by traditional teachings is the best candidate to revive our government’s role in ensuring Narragansett values are upheld and shared throughout our community.

As you cast your vote on April 28th, may you also agree that my decades of service to Narragansett Indian Tribe, both internally and across Indian Country, qualify me as the most experienced candidate to advocate for our Nation’s ongoing plight to obtain economic stability and tribal prosperity!